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Title: Traceability In The Mexican Petroleum Industry.- A Key Factor For Custody Transfer Operations
Author: Luchsinger H., Arias R., Maldonado m., Loza A., Reza J.
Source: 1998 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1998
Abstract: The National Metrology Center of Mexico (CENAM) has been involved for the past 18 months in calibration services for the mexican petroleum company (PEMEX). The services include in site calibrations of metering systems for liquid fuels custody transfer in marketing terminal stations, of pipelines metering devices, and road tanks. All calibration certificates issued by CENAM are directly traceable to national standards. A key contribution of CENAM in this project, as a result of intensive data analysis, is the inclusion of temperature effects on master meter calibrations for better measurements in custody transfer transactions, a barely considered effect in similar metering systems. The awareness and evaluation of the temperature effect leads to the elimination of a systematic error in each field measurement.

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