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Title: Fundamentals Of Gas Pressure Regulation
Author: Dean Splittgerber
Source: 1990 Gulf Coast Measurement Short Course (Now called ASGMT)
Year Published: 1990
Abstract: For all practical purposes, regulators used by the gas industry can be placed in either of two categories: I. Self Operated, or II. Pilot Operated. This categorizing of all regulators (plus all construction modifications) tends to be an oversimplification , but except ions are rare. Let s examine each of them closely. Self Operated Regulators An example of a self operated regulator is a spring opened valve directly opposed by a diaphragm assembly (Fig. 1). Gas, at Increasing downstream pressure, acts on the- diaphragm assembly to overcome the force of the spring, closing the valve. When downstream pressure falls, spring force Is greater than the force of the gas acting on the diaphragm, and the valve opens.

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