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Title: An Optical Hydrocarbon Analyzer For Real-Time Hydrocarbon Gas Speciation And Measurement
Author: Duane Sword
Source: 2014 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2014
Abstract: A unique all-optical, real-time, unattended sensor platfo rm has been developed for hydrocarbon gas composition analysis enabling speciation and quantification of the indi vidual light hydrocarbon components such as C1 - C5 of alkanes and carbon dioxide. This all-optical sensor performs real-time speciation without requiring physical separation of the compounds as performed in traditional chromatography. Trace level monitoring through percent level compositi on monitoring have been performed on alkanes, alkynes and alkenes in natural gas and biogas applications. The fl ow-through optical sensor pr ovides unattended, real- time and consumable-free analysis suitable for on-line fuel gas analysis, combustion control, pipeline gas quality monitoring, BTU/heating value measurement and various pet rochemical monitoring applications. Configurations of the optical platform have also enabled ppm level monitoring of multiple components such as CO (carbon monoxide), CO 2 (carbon dioxide), THC (total hydrocarbon content), and H 2 O (moisture) at levels of accuracy and linearity across the range that cannot be fulfilled with traditional NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) style of measurement packages.

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