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Title: Cone DP Meter Calibration Issues
Author: Casey Hodges, Charles Britton, William Johansen & Richard Steven
Source: 2009 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2009
Abstract: Cone DP flow meters are becoming increasingly popular in the oil and gas industry. A cone DP meter is a member of the generic Differential Pressure (DP) meter family and operates according to the same physical principles as other DP meter types. ISO 5167 1 states the performance of orifice plate, nozzle, Venturi nozzle and Venturi DP meters across set geometry designs, over particular ranges of flow conditions. ISO 5167 covers these meters as they have a long history of research where the massed data sets are publicly available for scrutiny. However, ISO 5167 does not cover cone DP meters as the patent protection has only recently lapsed and no independent research has yet shown that cone DP meters of set geometries have repeatable and reproducible performances over given flow condition ranges. This paper reviews cone DP meter data from CEESI independent research, a CEESI wet gas Joint Industry Project and multiple third party1 tests. The cone DP meters discussed are produced by multiple manufacturers. Performance comparisons are made between nominally identical cone DP meters. The relative merits of calibrating cone DP meters with low Reynolds number water flows or high Reynolds numbers gas flows will be discussed. The pros and cons of cone DP meter periodic re-calibration is also discussed. The effect of damage changing the cone alignment will be considered. Finally, the prospect of cone DP meters being eligible for inclusion in ISO 5167 is discussed

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