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Title: Master Meter Prover Certifications Per API Mpms 4.9.3
Author: Kevin Fields
Source: 2017 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2017
Abstract: When discussions about prover calibrations occur, they normally end with a disagreement about the accuracies of the different approved methods. This paper will discuss the procedures and advantages of the master meter method This method was developed over 20 years ago to minimize difficulties in calibrating very large volume provers. In the fast pace world of today, where down time means money, many companies use the master meter method to save time and money on a variety of prover sizes. Accurate calibrations require good technique from a knowledgeable technician. Having the proper knowledge and equipment to perform the master meter method will improve the accuracy and minimize time to complete the calibration. This paper will discuss the Master Meter Method of prover calibration as described in API MPMS Chapter 4.9.3.

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