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Title: Pulsation Mitigation And Its Effects On Metering
Author: Robert J. Mckee
Source: 2009 Western Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 2009
Abstract: Accurate flow measurement is essential for todays gas metering, however pulsations, which are frequently present at field sites, adversely affect flow meters and are one of the factors that must be mitigated in order to achieve accurate flow measurement. Pulsation is any periodic variation in pressure and flow velocity either at one location in a pipe or from point to point along the pipe. This paper not only discusses the sources of pulsation and briefly shows how pulsation adversely affects flow meters, but also explains in detail applicable methods for mitigation of pulsation effects. Properly designed acoustic filters are the most effective means for eliminating pulsation and a design method for a simple acoustic filter is presented. Other methods to control the sources, reduce the effects, or attenuate the amplitude of pulsation are also discussed

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