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Title: Plastic Pipe-Where We Stand And Where We Need To Go
Author: H. W. Kuhlman
Source: American Gas Association 1975
Year Published: 1975
Abstract: Plastic pipe for gas distribution has enjoyed phenomenal growth since it was first used after World War II. The greatest growth rate followed the initial acceptance of ASTM D2513 - Thermoplastic Pipe and Fittings for Gas Distribution in 1966. This standard has since had three industry accepted revisions and more are in process. It has long been recognized by those closely associated with the various technical committees concerned with plastic piping for gas distribution, that D2513 is seriously inadequate in a number of basic areas. These include both identitication and quality assurance requirements. However, in order to obtain a broad picture of the overall status of plastic pipe performance and needs of the gas distribution industry, a survey was authorized as part of the 1974 Plastic Pipe Research Program.

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