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Title: Do You Just Want Traceability, Or Are You Serious About Flow Measurements?
Author: David A. Todd, Jr.
Source: 1998 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1998
Abstract: This paper examines the implications of traceability as it pertains to flow measurement and flowmeter calibration. Contrasted with other areas of metrology, the absence of a maintainable unit of flow vis-a-vis the prototype kilogram, triple point cell or Josephson array complicates any attempt to define traceability in the usual manner. Having a flow measuring device calibrated at NIST, for example, or at another facility in possession of certain documentation, does not in itself provide evidence that a particular flow system will produce measurement results having a specified uncertainty. Growing interest in quality system registration and, more significantly, laboratory accreditation, has placed renewed emphasis on assessing the actual output of measurement processes in real terms. These issues are addressed, along with some discussions of approaches which can be used to validate the performance of flowmeter calibration systems on a quantitative basis.

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