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Title: Gas Supply And Curtailment Policy From A Regulators Point Of View
Author: Ralph H. Wickberg
Source: American Gas Association 1975
Year Published: 1975
Abstract: It is a real pleasure to appear before this distinguished audience as a representative of the State Regulatory Commissions. My intuition tells me that this assignment is more of a challenge than a social appearance. The topic assigned to me, as you know, is natural gas supply and curtailment. Solomon was fortunate that he did not have to solve these problems, If he were alive and had been asked, he might not appear to be as wise a man as history records him to be. I am going to liberally construe the parameters of what my assignment is and also attempt to discuss gas supply and curtailment from a state regulators view. My comments on possible new supplies of natural or synthetic gas are going to be short. I do not believe the Federal Power Commission will be able to resolve the competing applications on Prudhoe Bay gas delivery to the lower forty-eight states without assistance from the U.S. State Department and Congress.

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