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Title: Application Of Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Technology To Past And Future Generations Of Nuclear Power Plants
Author: Herb Estrada, Ernie Hauser, Gregor Brown
Source: Flomeko 2007
Year Published: 2007
Abstract: This paper will describe the application of flow instruments based on the measurement of the transit times of ultrasonic pulses to nuclear power. It will cover the early history of the technology including the measurement, in 1975, of reactor coolant flow and temperature at Prairie Island Unit 2, as part of the generic design verification of a Pressurized Water Reactor coolant system design. It will also describe experience in the measurement of feedwater flow for the calorimetric determination of plant thermal power, including use of transit time systems for Measurement Uncertainty Recapture power uprates. Finally, plans for the application of ultrasonic flow measurement technology to both evolutionary and advanced reactor designs will be described.

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