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Title: Comparisons By Ptb, NIST, And Lne-Ladg In Air And Natural Gas With Critical Venturi Nozzles Agree Within 0.05 %
Author: B. Mickan, R. Kramer, D. Dopheide, A. Johnson, J. Wright
Source: 2006 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2006
Abstract: The PTB, NIST, and LNE-LADG compared gas flow measurement standards in air and in natural gas in the pressure range from 0.9 to 42 bar using four critical nozzles with ISO standard toroidal shape 1. The four facilities generated calibrated flows through the four nozzles to determine curves of the discharge coefficient (Cd) versus Reynolds number (Re) spanning the range from 2 105 to 2 107 in Re. Three of the facilities used air the fourth facility used natural gas. The data show the laminar-to-turbulent transition at throat Reynolds numbers in the interval 1 106 to 2 106. All of the laboratories discharge coefficients agreed within 0.15 % or less, well within the uncertainty of the comparison. Comparing the average Cds for the four nozzles, all of the laboratories agree within 0.05 %.

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