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Title: The Uncertainties In The Critical Flow Functions Calculated With AGA8 DC92 And Gerg 2008
Author: Y. C. Ha S. J. Lee K. J. Lee
Source: Flomeko 2016
Year Published: 2016
Abstract: n this paper, the uncertainties in the critical flow function s (CFF s ) calculated with the AGA8 - DC92 and the GERG - 2008 equations of state (EOSs for compression factor) were estimated. To this end, thermodynamic properties such as enthalpy, entropy, compression factor, and speed of sound, which are used in calculating CFF, were expressed in the form of dimensionless Helmholtz free energy and its d erivatives. In order to identify the influence of the uncertainty in compression factor on CFF , the form of Helmholtz free energy for each EOS and its derivatives were modified to have a deviation corresponding to a deviation (i.e., uncertainty ) in compres sion factor under each flow condition. For each independent uncertainty component of CFF, both a model and a method to estimate the uncertainty contribution were developed.

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