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Title: Numerical Simulation Of The Gas Mixing Behavior In A Soot Conditioning System
Author: G. Lindner A. Nowak S. Schmelter
Source: Flomeko 2016
Year Published: 2016
Abstract: In order to establish a primary soot aerosol standard for automotive exhaust measurements, a high-accuracy soot generator as well as a well-defined aerosol conditioning, dilution, and homogenization unit is needed. In this contribution, the mixing behavior of different gases under different junction conditions was numerically investigated to gain insight for favorable setup geometries and flow conditions of soot measuring systems. The overall goal was to find the design that leads to the fastest mixing of the different incoming gas components for a given pipe length. For this purpose, a main pipe with two symmetrically arranged side inlet pipes was considered, where the angle of inclination of the side pipes as well as the inflow conditions were varied.

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