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Title: Development And Field Testing A Method For Detecting Flue Gas Leakage From Heat Exchangers
Author: Douglas W. Dewerth
Source: American Gas Association 1983
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: A procedure was developed for detecting leakage of flue gases through heat exchangers of warm air fumances. This procedure was particularly suited for field use and is more reliable than many of the existing test methods that have been used, e.g. smoke bombs, salt sprays, etc. The final form of the method consists of flooding the Ifue gas side of the exchanger with a 14.3% CH4 in N2 mixture and probing the air side of the heat exchanger with a calibrated combustible gas detector. The method was field test by 7 utilities during the 1982-83 heating season. Fifty six reports from these utilities verified and supported the accuracy and reliability of the test procedure.

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