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Title: Changing Domestic Gas Meters Without Interruption Of Service
Author: John D. Barth
Source: American Gas Association 1976
Year Published: 1976
Abstract: The expense of performing routine meter changes continues to rise along with the spiraling costs of all operations in the utility business. Contributing to this increase is the excessive number of homes where both husband and wife are employed, resulting in lost travel lime by servicemen. It is often necessary to make special arrangements outside of normal service hours for these meter changes, resulting in overtime expenses. If we couid eliminate call backs, or eliminate time required to relight appliances, we could substantially reduce these operating costs. In an effort to streamline and automate our work and procedures, we have investigated various meter changing devices, and in fact, some of our own personnel have developed and patented fittings for effecting meter changes without customer service interruption. The main disadvantage of these devices lies in the necessity of installing a special meter bar or fitting in advance (10 years in Indiana) of its anticipated use.

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