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Title: Pressure & Temperature Transducers Installation(, Calibration U Repair)
Author: Warren E. Meyer
Source: 1989 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 1989
Abstract: Pressure transmit t referred years, be use in pr involved both gas of these employ th has shown pressure mit ter ca close att lation , c ins trumen and tempe ers, as t to, have , come inte ocess mea with hydr and 1iqui instruraen eir use. that the or temper n only be ent ion to alibratio ts . rature transduc hey are most ge within the las gral instrument surement. Thos ocarbon measure d, recognized t ts and moved qu However, exper maximum worth ature measuring achieved as we the proper ins n and repair of ers, or nerally t 15 s for e men t , he worth ickly to ience of a transgive talthese

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