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Title: Field Testing By Transfer Proving
Author: Carlos T. Ponce
Source: 1992 American School of Gas Measurement Technology
Year Published: 1992
Abstract: There currently exists three types of field proving equipaent for testing large diaphraa, rotary and turbine Meters. The three types are low pressure, critical flow and transfer provers. Both low pressure and transfer proving are generally performed with air and at a vacuum (or in the case of low pressure proving optionally at a slight positive pressure) while critical flow proving is done with gas at 15 #s plus. For transfer proving, the prover is located on the outlet side of the meter being tested, as it is for critical flow proving. However, it nay be located upstreaa or downstream for low pressure proving. Similarly when low pressure proving the blower can be on the inlet or outlet (but always on the opposite end froH the prover). The blower location for transfer proving is not only downstreaa of the meter but also downstreaa of the prover. In critical flow proving a blower is not necessary.

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