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Title: DP Flowmeter Calibration Performance and Flow Coefficient/Density Effects Study
Author: Akio Ito
Source: 2018 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2018
Abstract: We performed a DP flow meter calibration to determine the combined system accuracy of a Yokogawa EJX Series multivariable transmitter EJX910 H range (2000inH2O) and M range (400inH2O) combined with VERIS Accelabar flow primary element 4 based on averaging pitot tube technology at the CEESI NIST traceable air laboratory located at Nunn, Colorado, USA. One of the observations of this is that the linearity of VERIS Accelabar calibrated flow coefficient indicates excellent performance. Another observation is that EJX910 DP measurement indicates excellent performance. Then we performed flow coefficient and fluid physical property effects analysis for above DP flow meter calibration result. In conclusion, to improve the accuracy of the mass flow rate, not only flow coefficient variance but also the density of the fluid must be accurately managed using the most up-to-date and current fluid properties and by calculating changing densities in real time.

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