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Title: The Self-Calibration Device In Electronic Balances.
Author: Walter E. Kupper
Source: 1995 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1995
Abstract: The accuracy of a modern professional-grade balance is assured by the built-in selfcalibration device. A reference mass is either deposited on the balance internally or set on the pan manually by the operator, after which the balances microprocessor updates the value of a scaling factor which is stored in a non-volatile (power-independent) memory. Available since the early eighties, the self-calibration device should be considered a fundamental and indispensable feature of electronic balances. This paper describes the hardware and software concepts of self-calibration devices in their various forms. The merits of self-calibration are demonstrated by reviewing the calibration errors which may be introduced into a balance from several sources and which are eliminated by the proper use of the self-calibration feature.

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