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Title: Odor Strength Of Odorous Sulfur Compounds And Their Mixtures
Author: Frank V. Wilby
Source: American Gas Association 1983
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: To correlate the odor strength of natural gas with its sulfur analysis, the recognition odor thresholds were determined for 18 sulfur compounds and 14 mixtures, using 35 untrained people. For each test of each odor a hundred-fold range of concentration was presented in increments of the fifth root of ten (100.2). A concentration of zero was also included. The order of presentation was random. Each odor was tested on at least three different days. Testing was done out of doors during clement weather. Desired odor concentrations were produced by dynamic blending of gaseous mixtures of the odorous compounds with air. The range of concentration required to obtain the recognition threshold was found to be much greater for certain compounds than for others. Branching of the hydrocarbon chain increased odor strength. Certain compounds appeared to evoke anomalous responses. Additivity of odors of mixtures was investigated and an attempt was made to identify anomalous olfactory responses of specific individuals to specific compounds.

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