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Title: Simplified Equations For Some Thermophysical Propert Ies Used In High Pressure Metering Of Natural Gas
Author: Andrew Laughton
Source: 2014 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2014
Abstract: This paper specifies a method to calculate viscosit y and other properties, excluding density, for use in the metering of natur al gas flow. This paper gives simplified methods for the calcula tion of (dynamic) viscosity, Joule-Thomson coefficient, and isentropic exponent for use in natural gas calculations in the temperature range -10 to 40 o C and pressures up to 100 bar(abs) in the gas phase. For Joule-Thomson and isentropic exponent, the unce rtainty of the equations provided is greater than that obtained from a compl ete equation of state such as ISO-20765:2 or GERG-2008 (reference 1), but is co nsidered to be fit for purpose. The equations are much simple

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