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Title: A Short And Sweet Preamble To Operating Personnels Responsibilities Re Claims And Litigation
Author: Sheldon B. Sepstead
Source: American Gas Association 1983
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A wise statement, but somewhat misleading in the natural gas business, as will be illustrated. Seemingly innocuous events, e.g., an excavator scraping a wrapped steel gas main with his backhoe bucket, can produce catastrophic results, e.g., an explosion leveling a dwelling and injuring the occupants. The ounce of prevention warning certainly applies in this type of scenario, but such examples should not detract from the vast amounts of time and money expended by gas utilities for public safety. Few industries can boast of the magnitude of effort exhibited by gas utilities to prevent accidents and related claims. Nevertheless, claims do occur and we are here today to discuss the role operating personnel can play in the aftermath of serious occurrences. But first lets summarize the routine but vitally important activities of engineering and operating personnel which are taken for granted. Stated another way, lets toot our horn a bit before we proceed to discuss what should be done after a serious occurrence involving actual or alleged culpability on the part of the gas company.

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