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Title: Regulators, Controllers & Related Equipment - Fundamental Principles Of Regulators
Author: Louis J. Delaney
Source: 1966 Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (Now called ISHM)
Year Published: 1966
Abstract: The foremost property of a regulator is stability. By this is meant that under any recommendation of the manufacturer the regultaor should deliver published performance data with a smooth uninterrupted flow. Flow or capacity is generally the black and white comparison between regulators of different manufacture and design. This is only one of the many aspects that should be considered. Capacity readings are limited to a droop of 1 in. water column, or a rise or compound of 2 in. water column, from 7 in. water column set pressure at 60 scfh set flow. When other outlet pressures are used, the compound should not exceed 20% and the droop should not exceed 10% of the set pressure. The set flow is generally shown in the published capacity table. This is a point for consideration when comparing regulators, as the higher the set pressure the greater the capacity.

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