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Title: Lact Unit Proving - The Role Of The Witness
Author: Art Casias, Terry Ridley
Source: 2003 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2003
Abstract: Witness, as defined by the New Websters Dictionary, 1 .n, a person who has observed a certain event, the unwilling witness of a quarrel II a person who testifies to this observation, esp. in a court of law, and esp. under oath II a person who testifies to the genuineness of a signature on a document by signing his own name to the document II an authentication of a fact, testimony II public affirmation of the truths of a religious faith II something taken as evidence, to bear witness to declare, on the strength of personal observation, that something is true II to give as evidence, to bear witness, knowledge, testimony. The role of the witness, in the proving of a LACT unit, requires you to understand the operations of both the LACT and ACT units and the device used in proving their accuracy.

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