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Title: Determination Of Leakage And Unaccounted- For-Gas Transmis- Sion
Author: David Beasley
Source: 1994 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 1994
Abstract: With the large volumes that todays Transmission companies are moving, the Loss and Unaccounted For Gas is an ongoing concern. Unaccounted for Gas is a term used to indicate the difference between the volume measured entering a pipeline and the volume measured out of the same pipeline. The difference is termed Loss and Unaccounted For Gas and can be expressed as a + or -. Since one normally thinks of pipeline loss, the + indicates net loss, where a - indicates a gain in the pipeline balance. Another shorter phrase used to identify the difference has been termed LUFG. The assumption is that all the gas is measured into and out of a physical pipeline that can be clearly defined. The smaller the pipeline segment and number of meters the more manageable the balance process becomes.

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