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Title: Risk Based Assessment Of Storage Well Rehabilitation
Author: Paul Amick, Sean Terchek
Source: American Gas Association 2001
Year Published: 2001
Abstract: The post-Order 636 environment has resulted in an increased focus on and awareness of underground gas storage. Storage operators are seeing an increased customer emphasis on storage reliability and flexibility as new markets arise. Storage assets must be effectively maintained and managed to assure the integrity and performance of the facilities in order to meet present and future storage obligations. Columbias storage business management strategy includes monitoring and maintaining two key parameters - reservoir and mechanical integrity. Monitoring reservoir integrity involves the application of standardized engineering methods, such as monitoring foreign well activity and annual gas volume verification. What has been missing is a standardized method for evaluating mechanical integrity. Columbias Condition Assessment Program (CAP) is intended to provide a consistent means of monitoring and assessing mechanical condition, thus optimizing asset integrity management.

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