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Title: Traceability Chain And Uncertainty Budget Calculation For The French High Pressure Gas Flow Measurement Laboratory Lne-Ladg And The Impact Of The Harmonization Process With Ptb-Pigsar And Nmi-Vsl On This Calculation
Author: Jean-Pierre Vallet, Christophe Windenberger
Source: 2006 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2006
Abstract: This paper describes the uncertainty budget calculation for the LNE-LADG which is the French MNI for the high pressure gas flow measurement. The LNE-LADG uses critical flow Venturi flow nozzles (sonic nozzles) as transfer standards for more than 25 years. These nozzles used to generate and measure the reference flow on calibration and testing operating as well as in air and in natural gas. The full tractability chain from mass and time up to any calibration of gas meters are explain as well as the uncertainty analysis. All the input variables and their standard uncertainty are listed and given. There are evaluated to either type A or B method presented in the GUM. All the calculation is conform to EA-4/02 requirements. This paper presents the different calculation models which can occur when using sonic nozzles (primary or secondary (comparison) calibration, different nature of gas (air or natural gas))

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