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Title: Effect Of Expanders On Orifice Meter Accuracy
Author: U. Karnik, I. Williamson
Source: 1995 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1995
Abstract: The effect of expanders on orifice meter accuracy has been studied for a 19D meter run. The 62.7mm (2.5in.) to 102.26mm (4.0in.) expander was placed downstream of two elbows in plane. Measurements of velocity profiles and meter comparison tests were taken with and without a tube bundle flow conditioner. Velocity measurements indicate that an expander modifies the velocity field from two elbows in plane. The resulting velocity field appears to be dominated by a single vortex rather than two counter rotating vortices normally seen downstream of two elbows in plane. Results from the meter comparison tests show that two cross over points exist within the 19D meter run. This is in contrast to the single cross over that has been seen thus far for other installations tested in a similar length of meter run. Three types of tube bundles, satisfying AGA standards, were used in the present measurements. The performance of the tube bundle was found to be dependent on the dimensions of the tubes used to manufacture the tube bundle.

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