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Title: Remote Collection & Transmission Of Domestic Meter Reading
Author: Steve Damato
Source: 1989 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 1989
Abstract: Metretek, Incorporated, is a company originally founded in 1977 to design and develop an idea based around gathering remote field data using existing telephone systems. This idea led to a patented technique of sharing the customers telephone line and then to one of the very first fully automatic, domestic meter reading (AMR) systems in the country. Since Metreteks first development, changes have occurred in the fields of new technologies, new AMR systems, and the utilitys need for AMR systems. However, with all the changes in the gas industry, one item still remains constant: TODAY, UTILITIES STILL CANNOT AFFORD TO IMPLEMENT A FULLY AUTOMATED DOMESTIC METER READING SYSTEM ACROSS 100% OF THEIR METERS.

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