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Title: Spread Spectrum Radio Technology For Gas Measurement
Author: Ben Hamilton
Source: 2012 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2012
Abstract: Spread Spectrum Radio (SSR) products are in wide spread use by the Oil & Gas industry as well as countless other applications. The quality, performance and cost of communications equipment continue to improve. The FCC allocated a generous portion of the radio spectrum for unlicensed use by this technology. We are becoming increasingly dependents on wireless. Everything from our car key, garage door opener and cordless phone or internet relies on SSR. How does it all work, and furthermore, what allows all these services to avoid conflict with each other? Should the Oil & Gas industry invest precious resources of money and time in a product that is unlicensed and shared by so many other applications? What are the risks, how are we to know if it will meet our needs, how long can we depend on it and how do we know it will work for us before investing in it? These are important concerns that need answers. The ISHM committee gave me the assignment to write this paper and cover these topics: Security, Saturation, Range, Compatibility, Interference, obstructions and advancements in the technology. This paper focuses on the products in common use by the Oil & Gas Industry. I am drawing my observations from not only the physics but also a life time of experience with wireless communications systems

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