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Title: Model-Based Fluid Diverter Analysis For Improved Uncertainty Determination In Liquid Flow Calibration Facilities, Exemplified With Ptbs Hydrodynamic Test Field
Author: Rainer Engel, Hans-Joachim Baade
Source: Flomeko 2007
Year Published: 2007
Abstract: In liquid flow calibration facilities, run in the flying-start-and-finish operation mode, a diverter represents an essentially accuracy determining functional unit, both with gravimetric and volumetric reference based installations. Model-based approaches that describe a diverters operation on the basis of realistic diverter flow conditions and kinematics of the diverting edge provide capabilities to take into account component related and flow related effects and processes for both a comprehensive diverter operation and uncertainty analysis model. Based upon this dedicated knowledge of a special diverter design this approach is applicable even if there are only minimum information on diverter characteristics available with worst-case assumptions being applied.

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