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Title: Economics Of Hydrocarbon Compositional And Quality Determination
Author: David Wofford
Source: 2016 Natural Gas Sampling Technology Conference
Year Published: 2016
Abstract: When we last attended NGSTech in January 2014, the W est Texas Intermediate (WTI) price for crude oil for that week was ranging from 94.51 to 96.66 per US barrel. The price now is hovering between 40. 00 and 4 5.00. The Henry Hub natural gas spot price was 4.71 per MMBTU. Now, it is around 2.10. Natural Gas Liquid prices have felt the pinch as well. Propane was trading near 0.90 per gallon in January 2014, and is going for around 0.50 now. Other N GLs are seeing similar downward price trends

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