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Title: S E S S I O N 3 - C OPTICS/FIEiEROPTIC Meflsurements
Author: Mj, N-Nan Chen
Source: 1989 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1989
Abstract: The uneven intensity of wavelength ranging from 1% to Vn nm of xenon arc lamp can often he eliminated in spectrophotometry hy a Sorrectec Spectra Accessary which is a complicate+ electronic device requiring tedious operation. Ilnlike the conventional metClod this experiment developed a new technique of using 6ouhle beam two-stage photomultiply to compensate the uneven intensity of light source. The output signal of t3e first photomultiplibr which was irradiated to the same light source was used to control the high voltage supply to a second photomultiplier. The lower intense light the first photomultiplier senses, the ligser voltage the seconr! photomultiplier is supplied. Resides monitoring and compensating the uneven intensity of light source, the first photomultiplier, in its light path the sample was inserted. also worGs to iduce the second pbotomultiplier to generate absorption peaks when sample ahsorhs Jig% at certain wavelengths. 4 complex ahsorption spectrum of erbium nitrate was demonstrated hy this technique which retains some advantages of fluorescence spectrophotometry. The strengths and weaknesses of this two-stage photomul -tiply technique were also discussed.

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