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Title: The influence of dynamic process conditions to the uncertainty of the PTBs water flow facility
Author: Enrico Frahm Natalia Petrusha
Source: 2018 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2018
Abstract: For the PTBs water flow facility, which is the national flow standard of Germany, the most important parameters of the uncertainty budget are the diverter timing error, the density measurements and the influence of the meter under test. For an accurate calculation of the uncertainty budget it is essential to consider the impact of facility induced dynamic effects to flow calibration results. Current investigations are focused on the analysis of temperature measurements, which are an import driving factor of the uncertainty budget. The objective of the presented study was to evaluate maximum accepted values of uncertainty sources caused by dynamic process conditions to temperature measurements. All investigated dynamic processes do affect the measurements temperature within the maximum accepted ranges, given by a revised uncertainty budget: 0.07 K for temporal stability as the maximum observed range of temperature fluctuation, 0.20 K for spatial stability as the maximum observed temperature difference between in- and outflow of calibration line and 0.25 K for a maximum temperature gradient within the investigated pipe cross section of 400 mm diameter. Only at low flow rates the maximum values for temporal and spatial stabilities were slightly exceeded. Currently several technical improvements will be implemented to reduce these deviations.

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