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Title: Uncertainty For Differential Gaging For 60 External Straight Threads
Author: Arthur G. Strang
Source: 1998 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1998
Abstract: Differential gaging for statistical process control in the manufacturing of threaded fasteners is becoming increasing popular. By routinely measuring threaded fasteners taken directly from screw machines, operator can make corrections to obtain minimum defects. Three groups of 10 external threads for size 0.5-13UNC were carefully measured in the laboratory by three metrologists -1) W tolerance plug gages, 2) plug gages with threaded product form variations, and 3) random off-the-shelf fasteners. The indicating gage values were plotted for deviations from measured true pitch diameter and from the best calculated values for functional size from measurements of the thread characteristics. All indicating gage designs were investigated. Estimates of expanded uncertainty were for both laboratory measurements and the indicating gage measurements.

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