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Title: Specific Gravity Balance And Gravitometer
Author: H. F. Goodenough
Source: 1945 Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (Now called ISHM)
Year Published: 1945
Abstract: The specific gravity balance and gravitometer are instruments for determining and recording the specific gravity of gases. Before discussing the principles and operations of these instruments the meaning of specific gravity should be considered. Specific gravity can be defined as the ratio of the density of a gas at a certain pressure and temperature to the density of air at the same pressure and temperature. The interest in specific gravity of gases here is because of its bearing upon the measurement of gas. Whether the gas is being measured by a positive meter or by an orifice meter the specific gravity of the gas should be known at all times. It is particularly important to have an accurate specific gravity of the gas when using the orifice meter because the density of the gas is taken into consideration in the very basic formula for the orifice meter

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