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Title: Vibration Analysis As Related To Centrifugal Gas Compressor Performance
Author: Donald E. Gasser
Source: American Gas Association 1980
Year Published: 1980
Abstract: Real time vibration analysis is a method of determining the operating condition of centrifugal gas compressors as a means of optimizing performance and reducing unexpected failures and downtime. Shaft misalignment, rotor imbalance, and general deterioration of seals and moving parts in a compressor are easily recognized through a regular vibration analysis program. This paper is an attempt to remove the mystery involving various technical aspects associated with the operation of high speed rotating machinery and acquaint the operator with several major operating characteristics within his control. A few basic principles of vibration as applied to rotating machinery are defined. Examples of actual hot alignment measurements and field dynamic balancing of compressors are given, explaining the effective results of each.

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