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Title: Underground Storage Of Hydrogen
Author: Stephen E. Foh, Evelyn m. Rockar
Source: American Gas Association 1980
Year Published: 1980
Abstract: This paper briefly summarizes an extensive study of the technical and economic feasibility of storing hydrogen gas in underground reservoirs. A depleted gas field, an aquifer, a salt cavern, and an excavated rock cavern were studied. Although the designs of hydrogen storage facilities will differ somewhat from typical natural gas storage facilities, the only major technical unknown is the potential effects of hydrogen embrittlement, which will probably require materials development and testing for pressures above 1200 psi. An economic methodology, based on utility financing, was developed to predict the cost of service for underground hydrogen storage. After testing this methodology against known costs of service for natural gas storage to verify its accuracy, we used the methodology to determine which costs most influenced the overall cost of service for hydrogen.

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