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Title: Volume Comparison O N Calibration Of Micropipettes - Gravimetric And Photometric Method
Author: Elsa Batista Isabel Godinho George Rodrigues Doreen Rumery
Source: Flomeko 2016
Year Published: 2016
Abstract: Micropipette calibration can be performed by two different methods: the gravimetric method , described in ISO 8655 - 6:2002 , and the photometric method , described in ISO 8655 - 7:2005. In order to verify the degree of agreement between these methods and with different operators in each labor atory, a n EURAMET bilateral comparison between IPQ - Portuguese Institute for Quality (pilot laboratory) and Artel , accredited l aboratory according to ISO 17025 was performed (project 1353). Four different micropipettes from 1000 ? L to 0,1 ? L volumes were calibrated by six different operators, one from IP Q and five from Artel. Two runs were performed for each micropipette. IPQ acting as the pilot laboratory determined the reference value.

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