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Title: Application Of Flow Computers For Gas Measurement And Control
Author: Carvel Jasmin
Source: 2007 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2007
Abstract: Flow computers are microprocessor controlled CPUs specifically designed to measure and regulate the transfer of a fluid from one point to another. They are an essential part of electronic fluid flow measurement, and are usually installed in various remote locations throughout the production, transmission and distribution segments of the gas industry. The function of a flow computer is fourfold: collect measurement data, calculate and store measurement data, transmit stored measurement data to a host system, and execute control requirements. In addition to measurement data, the event log, audit trail, and alarm information is also collected, stored, and subsequently transmitted to a host system in accordance with API Ch 21.1 - Flow Measurement Using Electronic Metering Systems. All these flow computer functions are controlled by on-board firmware, sometimes in conjunction with inputs from the host system. It is this on-board firmware, and associated host software, that allows the user to maximize the flow computers versatility and efficiency

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