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Title: Residential Gas Meters Set Outside, Non-Temperature Compensated
Author: W. B. Richardson III
Source: American Gas Association 1980
Year Published: 1980
Abstract: Residential gas meters are set in all kinds of places around a customers house: beside the house, under the back porch, next to a busy alley, by a fence, behind the garage, and occasionally under a thorn bush. The common factor to all these locations is that the meter is outdoors. It is subject to the weather and the large variations of year round temperatures. In addition to atmospheric temperature changes, a meter exposed to the sun on the south side of a house can be quite hot to the touch in summer and noticeably warmer than ambient temperatures in winter. This is in contrast to a meter set close to the north side of a house, where it is never in direct sunlight and will have a very different temperature profile from the one in the sun. Meters in other locations that are shaded to varying degrees will present a wide range of temperature conditions.

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