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Title: Expanding Your Warehouse Space
Author: Oscar F. Baldwin
Source: American Gas Association 1983
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the comparative advantages and disadvantages of two different storage concepts-that of a random storage procedure as compared to a dedicated storage arrangement. This comparison is based upon the experience of Con Edisons central storage facility located in Astoria, New York. Con Edisons Astoria Warehouse is centrally located within its service territory. It provides our system with the bulk of its every day material needs. It also replenishes many small outlying storerooms which directly support the emergency needs of the various operating divisions and power generating plants. The Astoria facility consists of 400,000 square feet of indoor storage space and over 25 acres of outdoor storage. We store nearly 37,000 different items valued at over 79 million. We process between 1300 and 2000 separate requests for material each day (nearly 400,000 requests annually). The value of these issues exceed 60 million.

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