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Title: A New Method For Measuring The Surface Energy Of Solids
Author: Alan E. Scrivner,Craig Macdougall
Source: 2009 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 2009
Abstract: Although the surface tension of liquids has been understood and measured since the time of Young and Laplace, the surface energy of solids has proven to be difficult to understand and measure despite its wide applicability in manufacturing and production processes. Furthermore, current methods for measuring surface energy are complex, require costly equipment, and often use toxic substances. A new technique is reported that depends on the fracture characteristics of thin adhesive films. Based upon the authors prototype, this technique should lend itself to the development of a surface energy measurement device that will be inexpensive to manufacture, easily portable for field applications, and uses no toxic materials. The theory and implementation of this technique will be discussed as well as some metrology related issues.

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