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Title: Care And Operation Of Orifice Meters
Author: K. I. Snyder
Source: 1936 Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (Now called ISHM)
Year Published: 1936
Abstract: When a stream of liquid or gas. flowing in a pipeline, encounters an obstruction, a drop in pressure results, and the condition becomes practically that of a liquid or gas escaping through an orifice from a chamber under a certain pressure to another chamber under lower pressure. The greater the rate of flow of the liquid or gas in the pipeline, the greater the resulting pressure drop. If the size and condition of the obstruction remain constant in a given line, a given rate of flow of liquid or gas will always result in the same pressure drop in passing the obstruction, and for any pressure drop there will be a definite corresponding rate of flow for the liquid or gas. The measuring device known as the orifice meter has been developed to malie use of these facts.

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