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Title: Validation Of Electronic Pressure Calibrators
Author: Bogdan m., Maziarz John, G. Gregor
Source: 1998 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1998
Abstract: Pressure calibration offers many challenges to the calibration industry as it demands high accuracy over wide range of pressures and temperature. Traditionally, deadweight testers have been used to perform high accuracy calibrations. Recent advances in the electronic pressure calibrator technology permit for these devices to serve applications traditionally reserved for deadweight testers (such as calibration of flow computers in custody transfer). These applications prove very hard to penetrate for the calibrators. As a rule, individual instruments are subjected to grueling verification tests and often fail because the conditions of the tests are not carefully controlled. This paper discusses issues, problems and solutions found in application and verification of electronic pressure calibrators. Principle differences between deadweight testers and calibrators are discussed to include accuracy statements. A detailed account of corrections needed to realize rated accuracy of a deadweight tester is given and complemented by series of tips and techniques for proper use of electronic calibrators. Finally, a step by step procedure is given for setting up and carrying out verification tests in environmental chambers. We conclude that such chambers offer very unstable test environment for pressure verifications. The limitations of the system can be overcome by limiting the volume of test system and shortening the data collection process to minimize fluctuations in temperature.

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