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Title: Application Of Earths Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance To Multiphase Flow Metering
Author: K.T. Oneill P.L. Stanwix M.L. Johns E.O. Fridjonsson
Source: Flomeko 2016
Year Published: 2016
Abstract: Multiphase flow metering has significant potential in a number of indu stries particularly in the oil and gas industry in terms of assisting the development of marginal fields and monitoring subsea processing. We demonstrate the novel use of a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) multiphase flow meter consisting of a pre - polari sing permanent magnet upstream of an Earths magnetic field NMR detection coil. The application of appropriate signal analysis in interpreting the 1 H NMR signal acquired from a flowing stream allows determination of the relevant velocity probability distr ibution. The accuracy o f such velocity distributions are verified using superficial velocity measurements obtained from an in - line rotameter. The ability to quantify multi - modal velocity distributions via regularisation is also demonstrated by applying the measurement methodology to a two pipe system. The flow metering system has also been successfully applied to two phase air/water flows in or der to simultaneously track both liquid holdup and liquid velocity with time in both the stratified and slug flow regimes

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