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Title: Calibration Models And Uncertainty Analysis Of The Euroloop Liquid Hydrocarbon Flow Facility
Author: Jos Van Der Grinten Bart Van Der Stap
Source: Flomeko 2016
Year Published: 2016
Abstract: fter initial experiences with the EuroLoop Liquid Hydrocarbon Flow Facility the initial uncertainty analysis was re - evaluated according to the GUM . Successive substitution was used to compute the deviation of a meter under test as a function of all input parameters. A number of uncertainty sources that requires specific attention are discussed. Compared to the current accreditation the achievable CMC values are at least 30% lower for volumetric calibrations and 4 0% lower for mass flow calibrations. The reason s for the lower uncertainties are the utilization of the triple set of detectors in the piston prover, which results in three independent measurement results, and the stability of the measurement process that is better than originally anticipated. The CMC obtained for the big piston prove r is 0.008%.

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