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Title: Field And Laboratory Testing Of Sediment And Water In Crude Oil
Author: Del J. Major
Source: 2008 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2008
Abstract: In this paper we will discuss the different methods of determining the quantity of sediment and water content in crude oil. We will also discuss some of the problems associated with the field-testing methods and attempt to better understand how those problems affect your Companys bottom line. Custody transfer of crude oil takes place by determining the quantity and quality of the product exchanging ownership. Precise and accurate measurement with minimal bias errors is essential in custody transfer applications. Although sediment and water determination is often thought of as a quality indicator, it actually affects the quantity since its quantity is deducted from the final volume transferred. The allowable amount of sediment and water that can be accepted is based on tariff restrictions that are spelled out by the transporting Company or system.

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