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Title: Advanced Calibration Device For Use In In Situ Calibration Of Nuclear Fuel Assembly Test Facility Flowmeters
Author: C. L. Wiltz
Source: 1999 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1999
Abstract: Many flowmetering devices exist which incorporate a vast range of technological and installation complexity. Much research has been accomplished establishing the applicability, accuracy, and reliability of these flowmeters. The fact remains, the accuracy of any flowmeter is a function of installation configuration, upstream flow characteristics, and calibration. It is optimal, to yield maximum flowmeter accuracy, to perform In Situ flowmeter calibrations using a calibration device which itself is insensitive to installation and upstream flow characteristics. This paper presents design, calibration, and verification results of an Advanced Calibration Device developed for use in calibration of Nuclear Fuel Supply Industry fuel assembly test facility flowmeters. Results from calibration and verification testing are presented illustrating the ability of the Advanced Calibration Device to yield a proper and constant conditioned flow regardless of entrance flow characteristics. While illustrating the accuracy and applicability of the Advanced Calibration Device for In Situ calibration of test facility flowmetering devices, this paper presents actual industry applications of a flow conditioning device, flowmeter, and upstream flow characteristic test results. Calibration testing was performed for the Siemens Power Corporation test facility using the Advanced Calibration Device, confirming previously applied flowmeter mass flow correlations.

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