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Title: Exhaust Emissions From Natural Gas Pipeline Compressor Engines
Author: Charles m. Urban, Karl J. Springer
Source: American Gas Association 1976
Year Published: 1976
Abstract: One activity of the Pipeline Research Committee of A.G. A., designated as Project PR-15- 61, is the study of oxides of nitrogen, or NOx, from the engines used to compress and transmil natural gas. Southwest Research Institute began work on this long range project in 1972, under the leadership of Mr. Sam Cunningham, Southern California Gas Company, who has served as Chairman of the NO2 Supervisory Committee. A paper presentedxat the 1975 Transmission Conference described the key findings of the first phase dealing with procedural development and baseline emission rates from in-use piston and turbine compressor engines. This paper describes the key findings of the second phase, which included the determination of state and national estimates of compressor engine emissions and an assessment of current emissions control technology.

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